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Barrel Cam Drive CNC Rotary Table RGX series
  1. Feature

Patented Variable Lead Barrel Cam Drive

- Zero-Backlash

Patented barrel cam structure

- High Torque Output

Act radius larger than other regular roller gear, resulting in 20% higher torque output

- Zero Wear-Out

Rolling contact to eliminate wear-out

- High Speed

Maximum rotation speed 83.3rpm (servo motor 2500rpm)

- High Rigidity

Bigger cam follower carrier under pre-loading process to achieves high rigidity

- High Clamping Force

Double insured hydraulic brake system ensures high clamping force

- Outstanding Precision

High repeatability accuracy clockwisely and counter-clockwisely




The pre-loading process between cam follower carrier and cam with variable lead (shown as 1) can eliminate the backlash with the cam shaft (shown as 2) and approach extraordinary high precision.


High Torque


By equal center distance R, detron RGX act radius r1 is larger than regular roller gear act radius r2, resulting the torque output performance 20% higher than other roller gear. Least geometry error and high precision.


Strict Inspection Norm


ISO 230-2 Norm (equal to JIS B 6192)

Accuracy Inspection upon ISO 230-2 International norm is operated with 5 continuous runs in clockwise and counterclockwise test.

RGX170/210/255: by 18 degree measurement
RGX320H: by 30 degree measurement