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  • DDM Trunnion Rotary Table


    1. Runs at speeds 200RPM of rotary axial. Hence this is suitable for high speed turning and cutting applications.
    2. Recommended for 3C components & small electronic parts application.
    3. Exclusive compatibility technology upon Fanuc, Mitsubishi, Siemens and Heidenhain control system.

  • Barrel Cam Drive CNC Rotary Table
    RGX-170X / RGX-210X / RGX-255H / RGX-320H


    1. Rolling contact reserves high rigidity, high speed and long endurance.
    2. Least drive energy wear- out and more than 90% transmission rate.
    3. Backlash-free from rolling motion achieves high accuracy.
    4. RGX170/210X built-in air booster system assures more superior clamping force (additional hydraulic tank not required ).

  • DDM Trunnion Tilting Rotary Table with Roller Gear Type Tilting Axis


    1. Built-in torque motor (DDM) applied for rotary axis & Zero-backlash roller gear type for tilting axis.
    2. High speed, backlash-free and zero wear-out for transmission.
    3. Recommended for mill-turn multiple processing and complex mould.
    4. Designed for gantry type with 3 axis in cross feeding structure.

  • Dual Drive CNC Deep Tilting Rotary Table


    1. Built-in direct drive motor of rotary axis achieves zero-backlash and free from wear-out.
    2. Enlarged outreach of trunnion tilting rotary axis achieves max. swing diameter.
    3. Tandem drives at tilting axis equipped with high dynamic resolution encoder optimizes machining precision and workpiece surface quality.
    4. Lower rotary axis worktable center allows more work piece dimension variety and better machining precision.

  • DDM Trunnion Rotary Table


    1. Built-in direct drive motor achieve zero back lash and free from wear-out.
    2. Rotary axis speed 1500rpm perform milling and turning process by once catch up.
    3. Directi drive with ack-lash free optimizes machining precision and work surface quality.
    4. High resolution optical encoder ensure accuracy orientation.

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