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Horizontal model_HH & GH series
  1. Feature

A. Pull-stud Mechanism
Uses a collet clamp system to tighten the pull stud, therefore more uniform pressure exerted on the pull stud surface can be achieved during tightening. This ensures stable clamping force. (maximum pulling force 2800kg).
B. Piston Mechanism
With the integrated design of the positioning cone, the piston moves together with the oil seal in the precision ground cylinder tube. The oil seal is not easy to wear, and stable clamping force is ensured.
C. Replacement
Thanks to the integrated design of the positioning cone, the entire assembly can be conveniently replaced by simplu loosening lockscrews.





High Hydraulic Clamping Force. No Oil Leakage Problem. Suitable for Heavy Cutting.

Advantage of drum brake system
1. The exclusive drum brake design in double- ring assembly precisely controls the braking gap.
It prevents deformation of the table surface during braking.
2. Easy to adjust concentricity of bearing and brake unit. Offset of rotating center is no necessary during braking.
3. At high hydraulic pressure by 5Mpa, there is no oil leakage concern from the brake unit. This ensures high clamping torque.
4. The brake unit is close to the table surface to minimize table run-out during machining and clamping, the rigidity of rotary table provides stability while heavy cutting.
5. Easy to maintain.





High rigidity. Minimum Table Surface Deformation.
Ideal for Heavy Cutting Applications.

Spindle shaft and 3 pcs type radial and axial bearings integrate as one unit.
Advantages of integrated radial and axial bearings
(spindle and 3 pcs type radial and axial bearings integrated as one unit)
• The rigidity of rolling parts is only 20-30% of the whole rigidity, and the supported rigidity of the way surface shares 70-80%.
• The way surfaces (H1 and h1) are thicker than that of competitive models, offering higher structural rigidity under heavy cutting conditions.
• Less parts construction leads to less accumulated error, while offeringbetter indexing accuracy and repeatability.
Large through-hole diameter with high rigidity.

Radial and axial bearings(Ref. to pg.9)
• Dynamic loading:Large
• Rigidity:High
• Dynamic loading:Large
• Tilting Moment:Large
• Suitable for heavy cutting with minumum deformation of table surface




Two Piece Type Coupling Design
1. Teeth contact pitch diameter equivalent to the outer diameter, high tilting rigidity.
2. Two piece type coupling contact is higher contact surface (C) of gear teeth provides optimum rigidity for heavy cut.
3. Two piece type coupling contact provides stable gear occlusion accuracy and repeatability.




Comprehensive Advantage

1. Positioning Taper Cones clamp system to tighten
2. B axis high brake force
3. Precise Dual Lead Worm Shaft and Gear retains eternal geometry accuracy
4. Premium Rigidity Bearing integrated in spindle provides less deformation and high allowable cutting torque




Optical Encoder Installation Design

Encoder mounted above the body
1. Easy to repair, remove the table disk , then can install or replace the optical encoder.
2. More close to the table surface provide great precision.