Core Technology

Core Technology

Worm Gear
GX & GFA & GTFA Series

Comparison of Spindle and Bearing Ø

  • The roller parts and steady supportive guide ways distinctly share 20-30% and 70-80% from the whole spindle rigidity.
  • H1 & h1, as the supportive roller guide ways, are thicker on detron spindle and act high rigidity.
  • Less separate parts, less accumulated error concern.

Exclusive Worm Wheel Material -CU80D

Exclusive application of patented high- endurable copper alloy for detron appointed models.

260% resistance for abrasion compared to conventional worm wheel materials by other brands.

Safe and Double Insured Hydraulic Brake

Patented Dual Pneumatic Piston, Braking Force Promoted

Waterproof Design

  • The electronic parts guard is completely sealed by O-ring to prevent cutting fluid entering and motor burnout.
  • Barotropic built-in for dew-proof.
  • Waterproof grade IP65.

Circumference is fully sealed by O-ring to prevent fluid from entering

Lubrication and Thermal Control