STEP 1 _ Machine Info & NC Table Selection
Q1 Machine Information Machine Brand Machine Model
Q2 Machine Spec working table L *W
T-slot: T-slot pitch: number of T-slot:
Q3 Rotary Table detron Model pneumatic brake hydraulic brake
Q4 Connector Cover Rotary axis (4th axis) cable connector located at side back
Tilting axis (5th axis) cable connector located at side back
Q5 Tailstock rotary tailstock, model
quill tailstock, model , standard quill taper MT3 optional quill taper MT4
Manual Switch Valve required for pneumatic or hydraulic quill tailstock: yes no
STEP 2 _ NC Control
Q6 M/C Control System & Servo Motor Fanuc system
- αi motor 4th axis 5th axis original 3 axis driver middle code
-6117- (old) -6240- (new)
- βi motor 4th axis 5th axis original 3 axis driver middle code
-6130- (old) -6160- (new)
Mitsubishi system - motor (4th axis) , (5th axis)
Siemens system - motor (4th axis) , (5th axis)
Heidenhain system - motor (4th axis) , (5th axis)
Other system - motor (4th axis) , (5th axis)
Single Axis Control system - motor SACII-
motor supplied by buyer / detron, motor shaft straight shaft / taper shaft / special request
amplifier supplied by buyer / detron
Q7 Connectors & Outer Cables Standard Miltary Connector ( for JP NC system)
Aero- Connector (for EU NC system)

When the outer cables are appointed to be supplied by detron:
- for Japanese NC
section B, from motor cover → M/C guarding.
section B+C, from motor cover → M/C guarding → driver inside elec. cabinet.- for European NC
section A+B, unified cables, from motor →M/C guarding.
section A+B+C, unified cables, from motor →M/C guarding → driver inside elec. cabinet.

detron standard cable length: 2.5M for section B & 3.5M for section C
Special cable length required for section B: ,for section C
Q8 Limit switch (5 axis only) AC Axis application, A axis (Tilting Axis) Limit Setting +120° ~ -30°
BC Axis application, B axis (Rotary Axis) Limit Setting +30° ~ -120°
Q9 Others Optical scale (encoder ring) with resolution ±5" ±10" ±13"
as a recommended option for tilting axis upon 5 axis application.
Q10 Solenoid DC24V
Q11 Operation Manual English Japanese
STEP 3 _ Peripheral Accessories
Q12 Chuck (for end- user) Manual chuck, SC- power chuck, SK-
Pneumatic chuck,
Hydraulic chuck,
Chuck interface flanged required only. (Chuck equipped by buyer)
Q13 Hydraulic System Air booster (air-oil converter) ABR-35, for hydr. table (+tailstock) only
Hydraulic Unit, please describe the detailed application below:
Oil/Air Distributor (for end- user) Fixture flange bracket (L-block), for manual fixture
Fixture flange bracket (L-block), for pneumatic / hydraulic jig with pressure tunnels, tunnel quantity
Fixture plate dimension and quantity:
Base plate dimension and quantity:
Others Please describe detailed application below


Motor Location and Others
Connector Location
Sections of Cables
  Regular Connection of Janpan NC System Regular Connection of European NC System
Section A
Power+Signal Wire of NC Table
Individual Wires Integrated Cable Integrated Cable
Section B
Power+Signal Cables
between NC Table to MC Guard
Individual Cables
Section C
Power+Signal Connection in M/C
Electrical Cabinet
Individual Connection Individual Connection