Special Applications


Special Applications

  • Workholding and interface

  • Ultra swing and customized base

  • Complex composition

  • Pallet Changer

Workholding and interface

GXA-S with pneumatic 5C collet chuck
GFA-H with BT-40/50 fixture interface
GXA wit interface for Kitakawa chuck and 2P distributor
GFA with interface for quick change mold

Ultra swing and customized base

DTF 5 axis- ultra swing and dual drive in tilting axis
GTFA with customized base
DH.GH table-in-table modification

Complex composition

SVW-500 equipped with pairs of GXA and tailstock
DV with pneumatic indexer
5 axis application composed by 2 sets of GXA
DH for grinding application

Pallet Changer

SVW-500 auto pallet changer - composed by CX-500 and special pallet
SVC auto pallet changer
Auto pallet changer for multiple positions
ACW- auto pallet changer for B axis