detron Machine Co. Ltd was established for NC rotary table manufacturing.


detron Machine Co., Ltd moved to current 1st factory location, and mainly produced 4th axis rotary tables. Table size is from Ø125~Ø800mm. Max. Monthly productivity is 900 sets.


DFO SH (detron Factory Outlet in Shanghai) was established.


detron Machine Co, Ltd 2nd Factory was established, and it mainly produces NC tilting rotary table, Horizontal rotary table (Single pallet &dual pallet), & customized rotary table. Max. Monthly productivity is 100 sets.

Gear Teeth Occlusion Inspector was brought in exclusively to make sure the accuracy after assembly.


Taiwan Factory Outlet was established to provide in time service to TW end users & machine dealers.

Dual Pneumatic Piston Structure was developed and announced, this is an exclusive patent owned by detron.

High-Endurable Copper Alloy CU8OD was developed and announced, this is an exclusive material owned by detron.


TPS & 5S management applied for both Ist & 2nd Factories.

Worm wheels of all products were changed to new material - CU8OD.


DFO NA (detron Factory Outlet in North America) was established. IBS Inspector for tilting rotary table was imported into 2nd factory.


TTi Gear Measuring Machine was imported to detron machining job shop to ensure the best engagement performance.


DFO VN (detron Factory Outlet in Vietnam) was established.


DFO UK (detron Factory Outlet in UK) was established.

German Gleason Gear Hobbing Machine was imported to ensure D1 level of worm wheel accuracy.