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MagVise Magnetic Workholding

  1. Super power magnetic force 1,250kgf±5%/100cm². (4 poles)
  2. Control each working face for ON and OFF, so it can be load and unlond the workpiece on each working face.
    3 seconds control for power ON and OFF.
  3. Without any obstructed Movement of cutters during machining. Can be use all the functions of CNC a Axic Index Device completely.


  1. Suitable in use for combine with CNC 4 Axic Index Device.
  2. Minimum thickness of workpiece required: 10mm.
  3. Minimum size of workpiece required as 4 altemate magnetic square poles and above is necessary for optimum clamping.


Specifiaction & Dimension: (Custom-made is abailable)
Please provide:
1. Design of CNC 4 Axis index dervice system.
2. Location and size of orientating cylinder.
3. Dimension of cable adapter in order to design our EEPM Connector.

EEPM-CIT2F: with 2 magnetic working face, can be clamp 2 workpiece for machining. Suitable for bigger workpiece machining.
EEPM-CIT2F2T: with 2 magnetic working face and 2 T-slot working face, can be clamp both of magnetic and non-magnetic material of workpiece machining> Suitable for smaller workpiece machining.
EEPM-CIT4FT: with 4 magnetic working face and T-slots available. Suitable for smaller workpiece machining.
Working Example: